A patented new method of using DIRECT MAIL—for less than the cost
of the postage stamp included—for Fundraising, Advertising and more!
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  • Fundvelopes IS NOT A DIRECT MAIL CO.

    A patented, new innovative method of direct mail advertising. It’s a ready-to-go postage-paid blank mailing envelope with advertising space on the back and on the inside.

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  • It’s a community envelope, a fundraising envelope, a networking envelope, a special cause envelope, and more.

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  • Who pays? All costs are paid for collectively by multiple advertisers who buy ad space on the back and on the inside of the envelope. Advertisers pay pennies per unit.

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  • Local groups and organizations can use Fundvelopes as a way to generate a new source of revenue.

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  • Businesses and professionals who use direct mail as a marketing tool can leverage Fundvelopes’ uniquely collaborative, targeted advertising method to lower costs and reach new audiences.

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  • Anyone can purchase Fundvelopes to generate new revenue by selling them for a profit or to save money by simply using them to reduce mailing costs.

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Use Direct Mail as a marketing tool to build your business? Want to send the same piece for only 5-10 cents apiece?
Fundvelopes will show you how!


Use Direct Mail as a fundraising tool? Want to cut your direct mail costs in half and/or raise funds by selling postage pre-paid mailing envelopes at a profit?
Fundvelopes will show you how!